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November 3, 2011

Facebook and weather – the common theme? Apps!

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about apps on these pages, so I had a look around, and found a couple of superb reviews, interestingly both of which were from the ‘All About’ chaps.

All About…Symbian

Steve Litchfield has taken an updated look at Facebook, in all its forms (well, 6). And ‘Oh yes’ folks, he has produced one of his fantastic fact tables. These, along with unboxing posts, are for me highlights of this job (that, and meeting all you lovely people). So what does Steve have for us this time? Well, he’s taken fMobi, Nokia Social, Borg, Facial, Kasvopus and Gravity and done a ‘compare and contrast’.

So what grabs Steve’s attention, and what comes bottom of the pile? Ranking first is Facial, which is ‘surprisingly quick to load’ and is ‘done beautifully’. The Nokia Social app is mid-table, with Steve saying that uploading photos and videos is ‘a doddle’ but isn’t perhaps as quick to load as users might desire. Kasvopus forms the base of the ranking, but even that ‘shows promise’.

…Windows Phone

Over on the sister site of AAS – All About Windows PhoneEwan has taken a look at Smart Weather, and says that he doesn’t normally download weather apps, but will happily look at this on his live tiles – and that’s a ‘win’. There are some minor quibbles, such as not being able to recalibrate wind speed into kph or knots, but these pale into insignificance when you dive deeper into the app and get more detailed info. Ewan thinks this app is going to last a ‘long time’ on his phone – the ultimate seal of approval.

What do you think of these apps? Got anything to add? Jump through and let Steve and Ewan know by commenting, or drop us a line @Nokia_Connects