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November 3, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 vs Nokia N9 – what the people think

Some have called them ‘separated at birth’, others that the newer phone looks ‘strikingly like’ the N9. But what about a closer look? Let’s dive in.


As we showed in our comparison photos last week (one of which I plucked from our shiny new Flickr stream), it’s true, the two do look remarkably similar. There are myriad pages out there comparing them, so I chose one that looks pretty 🙂 The guys at Versus IO have posted their comparison which shows the distinctions quite clearly.

And while we’re talking comparison tables, GSM Arena (a staple ‘go to’ for many when it comes to searching for phone specs) has their own version. This time it’s more of a straight comparison, with a few categories marked in green as being ‘better’. When they talk about the guts of the phones, they mention that the Lumia 800 packs a 1.4 GHz single core processor (the N9 a 1 GHz processor) and 512MB RAM (compared to 1GB in the N9). So each gets a ‘tick’ in a different column there.

Adrianisen has a comparison video, but unlike anything I’ve seen before. He basically takes the comparison table from another site and kind of give a stream of consciousness reaction. Not much to see, but well worth listening to as a regular user shares his thoughts.


The GSM post succinctly mentions that it ‘boils down to your personal preference of operating system’ as to which you prefer, and Adrian covers it in his video as ‘kind of awesome’.

Mateusz Baranowski gives his take on the software in his comparison post, saying that the ‘exclusive software’ that comes on the Lumia 800 will distinguish it from the N9, and is a fan of Nokia Drive and Nokia Music being pre-installed.


If you want to get away from comparison tables, a great place to find opinion is, as ever, in the forums. The Nokia Discussions forum was my starting point, with jimmylee saying that whilst the two look similar, from a user perspective they are ‘totally different’.

And over at the WPCentral forum, there are a healthy number of threads discussing the Nokia Lumia 800 and how it matches up against allcomers, including the N9.

But what we’re always interested in is what you think! So let us know by leaving a comment, or taking the plunge and sharing your thoughts @Nokia_Connects