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This WIRED UK review tells you everything you need to know, from the unique unibody design made from the same material as ice hockey helmets, to why the Nokia Lumia 800 has great signal strength. 

If you’re short of time, Techradar gives you the best overall lowdown and concludes that “Nokia has turned a corner”.

For 15 minutes of uninterrupted reviewing watch thehandheldblog. It covers everything you might want to know, and says the eight month turn-around time is “very impressive”. 

Ben Stevens from Which? gives this comprehensive review, and focuses as much on the “Nokia experience” as the hardware.

This review by The Verge compares the Nokia Lumia 800 to the Nokia N9. The Lumia is “Very quick and snappy, Windows Phone through and through.”

And finally, Will from Frackulous, goes hands-on with the new handset and decides this is “The best Windows Phone yet”. We’re glad he thinks so.