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GLOBAL – Symbian Belle is the OS that follows Symbian Anna. While Symbian Anna is still in the roll-out stage, there are some Nokia phones being sold already with Symbian Belle pre-installed. With the new OS comes new features and functions, one being new homescreen widgets. We opened a poll to ask you what were your favorite new widgets. Let’s take a look at those results.

Poll results: Symbian Belle homescreen favorites, pie chart

Receiving most of the votes and with 24 per cent, was the pull down status panel. This is where you can swipe your finger down from the top of the screen to open up a notifications menu, useful for quick access to many functions. We don’t blame you for choosing this as your number one, we love it, too.

The second most liked feature is the redesigned tool bar at the bottom of the screen, taking just over 14 per cent. It seems the new transparent icons are more preferred than the opaque ones on Symbian Anna.

When it comes to homescreen real-estate, nearly 14 per cent look forward to the ability to add six screens. You probably want all your apps, contacts and shortcuts within easy swipeable-reach. Who can blame you?

In fourth place, is the new email widget. Its white background and extra large screen space mean it’s easier to read subject lines, while also being able to read more in general. Over ten per cent agree.

The other options received just over one per cent and was a wide mix of answers. Weather widget, RSS reader and video player were all among the few results. There was no real winner here in this category.

What do you make of the results? Let us know in the comments below.