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November 5, 2011

Top 5 Modern App Classics

Since I went without writing anything about apps for a so long, I seem to have got the bug and was thinking about my ‘all time top 5’. So here’s what I think are the Top 5 Modern Classics that are in use every day.

Pic courtesy of Sclick

1. FourSquare

Checking in when you’re checking in (for a flight), checking out (of your hotel) or simply checking (at the bank – US spelling I know, but cut me a break :-)) has now become the standard way of letting your friends know where you are. Foursquare has spawned many offshoots and you can see people whipping out their Nokias any time they walk into a restaurant, cinema, or bar to try and climb that leaderboard.

2. Worms HD

Gaming is a tricky one, and without wanting to go all mainstream and mention the upset avians or the produce-slicing warrior, I think Worms has made the transition from ‘traditional’ gaming platforms (I first played on a Nintendo 64, if memory serves me right) very well – and now in HD! In fact, it came ‘highly recommended’ when David Gilson took a look at it on All About Symbian a few months back. So this might be a blast from my teen past, but still makes it to my Modern Classic list.

3. Poynt

Finding somewhere to eat dinner has never been easier. I often bypass the ‘discussion’ phase of the ‘Where shall we eat?’ conversation whenever I’m somewhere new by letting Poynt inform my choice. When I’m at a loose end, I check the events listing and just go to something random. It’s like having both a massive thick telephone directory *and* an information service in my pocket.

4. Shazam

It happens all the time:

‘What’s this song?’
‘It’s that one by The Eagles’
‘No, it’s the Beach Boys’
‘Let’s just see’ [fires up Shazam]

Sound familiar? Shazam is a no quibbles argument solver, pub quiz music round killer and all round awesome resource for finally nailing down the name of that song you hear on the radio all the time. Very clever algorithms, simple interface, it beats allcomers and is a staple on any new Nokia I am loading with apps.

5. Vlingo

The last Modern Classic on my list is Vlingo. Dubbed as a ‘virtual assistant’, talking to Vlingo can result in a whole heap of different results. Sending a text, finding a restaurant (like Poynt, but voice-activated), calling someone, or updating your social network – it’s all possible. Do you use it?

So now I have opened that whole can of Angry Birds, you can have your say. Do agree with this list? Got any to add? Leave us a comment, or let us know @Nokia_Connects