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November 6, 2011

Nokia Connects You: #3

It’s that time of the week again where we at Nokia Connects take a step back from the world of mobile technology and cast our net far around the world to try and connect you, dear reader, to the coolest most interesting things we have discovered on our collective travels.

If you’re sitting comfortably, then we’ll being

1. Let’s do something.

We love making things here at Nokia Connects and so when we spot other creators doing just that, there’s nothing we like more than simply standing back, smiling and appreciating the work that’s been accomplished.

This lego version of Angry Birds made us grin ear to ear, not least of all because (if it was a fully working version) the bricks would explode EVERYWHERE!

Image via Neatorama

As a bonus, these dice sculptures we found are equally marvellous and inspiring. Check it.

2. The Kinect Effect

The Xbox Kinect is one year old this week. This isn’t just about gaming (although we’ll be back next week talking about how this baby is going to work with the new Lumia range), this is also about advancing a technology ecosystem and, ultimately, the way we interact with the digital world around us.

3. Recipes for Life

Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful social media tools today. However, not everyone sees it as the next exciting app to use on their phone. Millions of other people are using Twitter for every day purposes – which in turn become tools for other people to use themselves. In keeping with our ‘Let’s Create’ theme of today, let’s take a look at Maureen Evans for example; every day she tweets a brand new recipe to her followers around the world encouraging and inspiring them to get in the kitchen and start experimenting.

If Maureen’s tale doesn’t excite you, then we suggest you get over to and find one that does. They are hundreds of little stories like the one above all exploring how Twitter is changing peoples’ lives, all over the globe.

4. Basketball Heroes

This video is a good five years old but recently started doing the rounds again thanks to a yet-t-be-traced resurgence on Facebook. If you’ve never seen it before, then we’d like you to meet ‪Jason McElwain‬


5. YOUR NAME Connects You

If you’re new to the site then there’s something you should know: Nokia Connects is about the community. The global Nokia community that we are all a part of. We read each others’ blog posts, we converse on and through the social web and – every day – millions of pieces of content are shared between us all.

To that end, we’d like to give over a section of our weekly ‘Nokia Connects You‘ supplement to you, the community. Starting today, we’d like you to leave the most exciting piece of content you’ve seen from anywhere on the web in the comments section of Nokia Connects You. Then, the week after, we’ll highlight the very best one as part of Nokia Connects You.

Ready? Steady? GO!