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November 7, 2011

The Mapstronaut touches down in Rome

Yes, he’s landed and it was one small step for the Mapstronaut, one giant step back in confusion for the residents and tourists in Rome as he visited as many of your suggestions as he could today.

Taking all of the myriad points of interest that were suggested last week, he guided his space vehicle around Rome, and surprised a few of our community with personalised messages. Our friends at the Nokia Maps blog shared a couple of locations earlier, but we have received more updates from outer space (well, Italy).

It seems the Mapstronaut got drawn into the orbit of the Trevi fountain (hope he threw in a space coin, it means he’ll be going back :-)) thanks to a recommendation from Roman.

And earlier he was at the home of Lazio and Roma, the Stadio Olympico where he said hello to Carlton.

He’ll be in Rome again tomorrow before moving on to Berlin and London, so get your suggestions in by letting us know at Nokia Connects.