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GLOBAL – In this busy age, it’s sometimes difficult to log on to your favourite websites on a daily basis. Sometimes you forget, or sometimes you’re just too busy. That’s where a weekly newsletter comes in handy and luckily for you, we’ve got one.

We’ve been sending out our weekly newsletter to thousands of our readers for almost two years now, with its popularity growing each week. Delivered to mailboxes each and every Friday, it contains a short piece straight from the mind of the editor and the week’s news in short bite-sized chunks should you have missed anything during the week. Our newsletter also contains information on the latest apps and games from Nokia Store and Beta Labs each week, which we hand-pick so we’ll always bring you the best.

Conversations by Nokia newsletter

We regularly include our favorite photo of the week from flickr taken with a Nokia camera phone, and we’ve had some great ones so far.

If you’ve left a fun, witty, or even just a great comment, chances are you’ll appear in our comment of the week section.

It’s OK to have busy lives. After all, there’s a lot to fit in. But don’t feel you have to miss out on any of the latest Nokia news. Click the link to sign up for Conversations by Nokia newsletter, it’s free.

If you want to see anything else in the newsletter each week, let us know in the comments below.

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