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November 8, 2011

Nokia Night Time Photos

We want to see your best night time photos here at Nokia Connects. It’s always tough getting that perfect photo when you have very little natural light entering your camera phone lens. While some experienced photographers light their surroundings or subjects using high end camera lights, we think you guys are talented enough to do it the natural way. Let’s see who the real dark horses of the photography world are. We will make it a little easier for you by allowing the use of your camera flash, but use it wisely 😉

Here are two great photos that encapsulate exactly what we are looking for:

via Jamaalism with a Nokia N86 8mp w/Carl Zeiss lens

via marioberzosa with a Nokia N8

Post the link to your image with a short description at Nokia Connects. Alternatively you can post the link to your photo below in the comments section.