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GLOBAL – Swype 2.1 for Symbian has been residing at the Nokia Beta Labs for a couple of months now and is now gearing up for deployment on Nokia Store. Your suggestions and feedback have been taken on board to help make for a final beta release, so download the newest version and enjoy the refinements.

For those who have never used the Nokia Beta Labs before, it’s a great place to get your hands on experimental apps or games that foretell the future of the software offering on next-gen smartphones. Fortunately, Swype 2.1 for Symbian isn’t so very far off – it will be heading to Nokia Store soon.

In this latest and last beta release, we’ll see official Symbian Belle support, Thai and Vietnamese language support, a better install experience and many small bug fixes that have been found by the Beta testers.

Preloaded with English US, English UK, Spanish, Portuguese BR, and French CA, there’s the added option to download any of the additional 32 languages.

Do you use Swype? Tell us what you think of this update.