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Great position in eco-ranking

GLOBAL – Sustainability is at the heart of everything Nokia does, and that’s why we’re delighted to be again ranked high in several sustainability rankings this year.

More than one billion people use Nokia phones – so we have a unique opportunity not only to improve our environmental performance, but also help them to reduce their own environmental footprint. For example, WWF Eco Guru from the Nokia Store helps you measure the environmental effects of your lifestyle.

At Nokia we don’t design one-off ‘green phones’ or gimmicks. We take sustainability into account in every stage of operations, and in every product we make, starting from the selection of materials and ending with a world-class recycling program.

All materials in our phones can be used again to make new products or generate energy, so nothing goes to waste. We have implemented power saving features and unplug charger reminders in our phones. Also, the locally stored software – like Nokia Maps – reduces energy consumption, battery life and cost. Our compact packaging means less paper and fewer trucks on the road.  

Maintaining sustainability as a core commitment means that legal requirements are a minimum, not a maximum, standard at Nokia.  

We don’t often talk about the good things other people say about our work in sustainability – but for the past years, Nokia has been amongst the leading companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes review. We were also ranked the 4th most sustainable publicly traded company in 2011 by Forbes Magazine.

Yesterday, the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics ranked us in the top three overall and as first for mobile device manufacturers. We had been ranked #1 for ten consecutive times before. We were rewarded in particular for our product energy efficiency and our wide take-back program.  This time our ranking was lower mainly due to the newly introduced energy criteria and the number of devices made of recycled plastics. Nokia continues to believe that the primary way impact climate change is to reduce our CO2 emissions and to increase our energy efficiency. Use of renewable energy sources is only a secondary tool and unfortunately in many countries were Nokia operates this type of energy is not available. Regarding the use of recycled plastics, we are working on finding ways to overcome quality issues.

Moving onto rankings aimed mostly at investors, we were came number 2 (out of 20) in the Two Tomorrows’ rating in the Information and Communications Technology category. The ranking uncovers the extent to which the companies widely recognized as sustainability leaders deserve their place within the leading sustainability rankings.

None of that means we’re resting on our laurels. We just wanted to tell you that we’ve been dedicated to setting the highest environmental standards for more than a decade, and we’re still committed to improving our performance even further.

We want make the most sustainable choices, and we hope that you will too.