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November 10, 2011

Accessorise and protect – Nokia-style

A couple of posts have come to my attention that cover the covers. That is, protection for your precious Nokia – however well they perform in drop tests.

First up, a gallery from Jay over at My Nokia Blog who managed to tear his eyes away from the main attractions at Nokia World to take in the protection options for the Lumia 800. He managed to point his camera at two varieties of case, a leather ‘flip top’ version and a plain plastic back cover. He doesn’t say much about them, but there’s no need with so many pics 🙂

Also with his hands on a protective cover is Mike from The Mobile Fanatics who has shared a video. It shows the rubber cover that comes with the N9 and he says it ‘fits almost perfect[ly], even over the flash’. He evens disrobes the N9 to show how little bulk the cover adds to the overall package. Take a look for yourself:

And while I’m talking about covering up, how about covering up your ears with the Nokia BH-905i headset which, somewhat miraculously, seem to unbox themselves