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November 10, 2011

Nokia photography: waterscape wonders

We love taking a minute out of our day to look for brilliant photos taken with Nokia phones.

Sometimes it feels like a mini holiday, an adventure or even a treasure hunt when we find these little gems hanging around within our communities. It can really help to spark a bit of joy into your day and inspire your ideas too, which is something we all need from time to time.

Today we thought we’d take a look at waterscapes – and what better place to start looking than the Nokia Facebook page. So, without any more stalling let’s show you what we’ve found!

This wonderful golden picture was captured on an E5 by Ahmad Vaseem. A very peaceful scene I’m sure you’ll agree and we just love that honey coloured light attempting to illuminate the pitch black shadows. It’s a vivid contrast that we really enjoy.

Runner up in the Nokia Creative Photo Awards – here we see a patch of oil reflecting a building in the distance like a mirror. A really cleaver photograph and one that really makes you think about the different possibilities and opportunities when you’re taking pictures. Thanks to Adam and his N8 for this one. There’s more on Adam’s Flickr page too!

HDR photography isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (comments), we know. But for those who enjoy experimenting with it and the results might appreciate this one from Teddie Chau. It was taken on an N8 in Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong and we think it’s a great example of using HDR in mobile photography.

This one reminds us of winter some how. The dark grey ‘cold steel’ like waves and weak sunlight is almost enough to make you shiver. We particularly like the beam of light that skates towards the photographer, in this case Ahmad Nasser and his N8

This one puts us into our holiday spirits. Beautiful marine blue water that slowly turns from turquoise to green is always a wonderful sight to behold. It even looks like the small rock island slowly slopes down into the depths. It’s a great scene set in Chlef, Algeria, Mediterranean and was captured by Alina Labushkina.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this instalment of  Nokia photography as much as we have. We’re always keen to look at and share your photography so please give us the heads-up on any images you would like us to consider. Until next time, happy snapping!