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November 11, 2011

Nokia E7 is still addictive

Despite being enamoured with the N8, ksg91 took on the E7 and has shared his extensive thoughts and comparisons for us all to draw our own conclusions.

Starting with an unboxing and tour of the exterior, ksg takes note of the ‘elegant design and superior build quality’. There’s plenty of photos to feast your eyes on as the phone is shown from all angles, and there’s comments on every aspect , especially the slider mechanism (‘quite smooth’). Recipient of extra praise is the ‘beautifully crafted’ and ‘very well spaced’ keyboard. there’s also camera and video comparisons with the N8, and ksg’s ‘final thoughts’. Well worth a read if you are thinking of getting your hands on either phone.

And if you prefer your reviews in moving pictures (but silent), then you could do worse than taking a look at the 7 (yes, seven) part series from TelepolisHD. Yes, the screen language is in Polish, and yes, they don’t make any comments, but the series is a great way to get a good look at all aspects of the E7. And as a bonus, here’s Part 1 for your viewing pleasure:

So are you a fan of the E7? Ever had a chance to compare it to the N8? ksg91 is waiting for your thoughts, as are we at Nokia Connects 🙂