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November 11, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 Uncovered: Drive & Office

Last week we brought you our very first Nokia Lumia 800 Uncovered post. The community inspired video showed Vinu Thomas from uncovering the camera on the Lumia 800. This week however we’ve decided to treat the community to two new Lumia 800 videos!

Below we have Jay from exploring the ‘Drive’ function and Vaibhav from walking us through ‘Office’ for the Lumia 800. Both videos were shot in London, so enjoy the views!


Taxi! Jay shows us how to find the London Eye using the Drive feature on his Nokia Lumia 800 menu. He particularly likes the view of the route once you turn the device on its side. Nobody told him you don’t actually need navigation software if your in a London taxi though, unless the driver is lost!


Vaibhav is on a boat, yes, he’s on a boat! Showing us some of the Office software available to Nokia Lumia 800 users. The interface works well for him and is simple to use if he wants to create a Word or Excel document on the move. Make sure you don’t drop it in the water though Vaibhav!

Next we will be looking at Facebook sharing and Xbox on the Lumia 800. Until then let us know what you think of the new features at Nokia Connects.