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Get the message on the Lumia 800

GLOBAL – Does anybody care how a message is delivered? No, they just want to read it and know who it comes from. 

So if you send an SMS text message and the answer comes back via Facebook, it’s far better to read it in the same thread between you and the messenger.

I’m used to being forced to quit text messaging and load up Facebook every time an email lands, telling me someone just sent me a message on Facebook.

None of that on the Nokia Lumia 800. It’s all there in one simple inbox – text and picture messages and Windows Live and Facebook chats – all intertwined on threads between you and your People.

To start the Windows Phone 7.5’s Messaging app, just tap the tile, 2nd down from top left on your home screen.

Straightaway you see the Threads screen, a display of all your messages in conversations which include texts, Windows Live chats and Facebook Conversations.

Tap on a contact to open the thread. You can reply right there or create a new text message by tapping the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

You can either type a name or number or hit the plus sign top right to select someone from the People Hub.

Then input your text using the virtual keyboard or voice, via the mic icon, but be sure to speak very clearly.

You can add pics via the paperclip icon at the bottom, if you want.

From here, you can also find out who’s online for a chat via Facebook or Windows Live Messenger, by swiping to the left or right.

Once you see how the Windows Phone 7.5’s Messaging app organizes your conversations, you wonder why nobody has designed service exactly like it before.

By making it so fast, efficient and seamless there’s no danger of you wanting to shoot the messenger, because you are hardly aware of who it is.

Once again, the Nokia Lumia 800 succeeds where others are still struggling.

image credit: SergioDJT