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November 11, 2011

The Lumia Series and Xbox Collide!

Regular readers will note that back in our weekly ‘Nokia Connects You’ supplement, we promised a closer look at the partnership between the new Nokia Lumia series and the Xbox. So here we go.

Via Symbian tweet

For those that don’t know, thanks to the Windows Phone operating system, Xbox gaming is now available on your phone (as well as your television). Back at Nokia World 2011 we checked out everything Xbox slash Nokia and we can promise there is plenty to get your tech-teeth stuck into. A large proportion of our gaming fans in the community will already be aware of the possibilities that lie ahead, but we want to highlight just some of the interactive features available to entertainment junkies aswell. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Let’s start by looking at pairing your phone with the console and the advantages you gain from doing so.

Xbox Companion

This feature is coming very soon to the Lumia devices. Heres the low-down before it finally arrives. After clicking the Xbox tile on your home screen, you are guided to the Xbox Live hub on your phone. Here you will be able to click the ‘Xbox Companion’ link which pairs your phone with your console (as long as both share the same WiFi connection). Now you can search for content, learn about content and ultimately control it.

Companion in action

Say you want to find out more information about a new game for the Xbox. You would simply search for the game title on the Xbox Lumia search engine (which happens to be Bing), then everything related to the game on Xbox Live; including user reviews, trailers and add ons will appear in front of your very eyes on the handset. You then control all the content on your device and play it on your living room screen. The same can be said for all entertainment on the console, not just games. The video at the bottom of this page shows you a great example of how to find X-Men film content on the phone.

You control all of this information from the palm of your hand. Say you have selected to watch a trailer for a film or Xbox game, you can pause, play and fast forward/rewind the content using your Lumia device.

via Nokia Conversations


Here is Kinectimals, the game tailored for all those animal lovers out there. The technology in the game harnesses QR Code technology with your device and lets you transport creatures you have created from your phone to your TV screen and visaversa. Available for approximately $2.99 from the Windows Marketplace this could be a good purchase for the younger mobile phone user.

via WindowsPhone

Keep an eye out for our ‘Nokia Lumia 800 Uncovered’ post coming very soon! For now though, let us know what you think of this new technology at Nokia Connects 🙂