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November 14, 2011

Nokia Connecting People Documentary: Teddy Bears & Talking Drums

Here is the definition of a global community if we’ve ever seen one! Take passionate people from Berlin, Rio, Mumbai and Nairobi (plus everywhere else in between) who share very similar views about mobile technology and ask them how the tech is connecting and changing the world in exciting and unpredictable ways.


via David Betteridge

Introducing David Betteridge’s new Nokia Connecting People documentary ‘Teddy Bears and Talking Drums’. A fascinating insight into how people all over the world are embracing the possibilities that are emerging from the mobile revolution. We forget in our busy day-to-day lives just how much the world has changed due to the development of modern mobile technology. People in developing countries in particular have been given a voice, a tool, to communicate their views on subjects such as a politics, community and how to create a better future. Some of the contributors in this documentary suggest that the mobile phone has become almost an extension of the human body. Others even compare it to carrying around a teddy bear! Here are some great quotes from the documentary:

“The mobile phone has become part of the eco system it has become the default device”

             Jessica Colaho

“Everybody can be their own journalist, with real time interaction and a real time voice you can effect politics on a day to day basis”

             Ruha Reyhani

“Mobile technology is giving power back to individuals and we didn’t have that for a long time”

             Rachel Gichinga 

via Nokia

We asked the community what being connected meant to them and how it was evolving their daily lives?

“Being connected is a way for me to get around the limitations of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is a lifeline that enables me to maintain relationships, and even to keep getting my groceries! It’s evolved beyond that though. It has opened up opportunities for me to contribute to the world by writing from home, and connecting with my readers through social networks and comments”.

             via David

“I travel very frequently and the only way to connect myself to the world is via my mobile phone. Being connected simply means being able to reach my family, friends and also my social networks all at the same time. I get my emails, daily reads on the news around the world, friend’s whereabouts all in my mobile phone no matter which part of the world I am at. Back in the day it was expensive and difficult to find a way to get all of these things done, but now, with our mobiles phones, it’s like what ever we care about is always in the palm of our hands. The distance between people has been bridged. I love being connected”.

            via Jason

What does your mobile phone mean to you? How has mobile technology changed the world you live in and how has it connected you to the world? Please feel free to tell us at Nokia Connects.