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Choice of apps

GLOBAL – You’ve got your new Nokia Lumia 800 and admired its beauty – but now it’s time to put it to work. You want to download some apps. But which ones should you choose? Well just tap the App Highlights key on the home screen, and away you go.

On the Nokia Lumia 800 you can avoid one of the biggest pitfalls in the app world: You know the scenario, you’re looking at the list, you see something you might like, but you’re not sure. Will it really do what you want, will you use it more than once, will you find something that does the same thing, only better?

On the Nokia Lumia 800 you get the option to try before you buy, giving you access to an app, up to a certain level, as many times as you want. So you could even save money by avoiding the ones you’ll never use.

If you feel spoiled for choice (or if you’re like my mother and you still believe you can get an app from the ‘app shop’ on the local high street), the Nokia Lumia 800 gets you underway with a handy menu for ‘starter apps’ under App Highlights, listing the most popular apps to get you on your way.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones you can get on your new Nokia Lumia 800:

Six free apps to get you started:


Never miss the latest video sensation after downloading the YouTube app. Watch dancing cats, swearing babies – and all the official Nokia videos too.


Get into some nail-biting bidding on eBay as is it goes to the wire on that vintage Princess Leia t-shirt you’ve wanted since 1980.


Never miss posting the first thought that comes into your head again. What? You think it would be better not to share your reflections about the boss, what you overheard in the bathroom or ate for breakfast? You’re clearly the one person in the world who doesn’t belong on Twitter.


What we can we say about Facebook? You know you can’t live without it, and here it is. Uploads have never been easier on a mobile. Don’t forget to link your account to the People Hub too.


After you’ve hooked up with all your contacts on Twitter and Facebook you can impress them with your knowledge with tit-bits of – possibly true – facts from Wikipedia.


Games get more sophisticated, but for moments when you just want to be phone alone – there’s nothing like good old Solitaire.

Five great games that you can try before you buy:

Angry Birds

If you’re not already in love with flying parrots and evil green pigs, you must have been living on Mars. But there’s no better place to start playing Angry Birds than on the Nokia Lumia 800. And if you’re already a fan, nothing does the game more justice than the curved glass screen of the 800.

Flight Control

Land Jumbo jets, bi-planes and helicopters on the correct runaways as they approach the airport faster and faster from every angle. A flight controller’s nightmare, but fun for everyone else.

Assassin’s Creed

Take control of fictitious assassin Ezio as he hacks his way across beautifully rendered historic settings. Players take on various missions that test stealth and agility. The try before you buy version takes you to the Middle East in 1190.

Fruit Ninja

Enter ‘smoothie madness’ as you swipe your finger across the screen to slash fruit like a true ‘fruit ninja’. Who knew cutting up an apple could get this wild!


Forget the global financial crisis and rebuild your property empire the old fashioned way – on a Monopoly board.