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November 15, 2011

In Focus: Nokia Asha series – phones for a growing world

‘Affordable and no nonsense’, phones for the ‘next billion’; these were just two particularly memorable lines that stuck fast in many people’s minds at Nokia World 2011.

In a bid to bridge the gap between the smartphone and feature phone, Vice President for Marketing Mobile Phones at Nokia, Blanca Juti, made it clear that Nokia are about to change things for the world. And with the release of the new Nokia Asha series range, it’s gone full throttle in an attempt provide some new alternative phones designed for the world’s majority. We have taken on the exciting challenge of connecting the people of the future the world over, kick-starting proceedings with the robust and compact Nokia Asha series.

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With developing countries like China and India leading the way in global industry, the developing world is a fast emerging market gulping down every piece of technology entering its path. We will all beyond doubt agree that the 85.4% (that’s 5,727,771,964 human beings) of the world’s population who currently live in developing countries will both need, and desire, mobile devices that are indeed beautiful, yet smart and affordable.

The rise of the smartphone throughout the world has been phenomenal and demand for these devices has been growing at a rate of knots; the UN estimates there are ‘around 5 billion mobile subscriptions, with most growth in the developing world and particularly Africa’. So, in an age where the internet is fast becoming the central cog through which we keep up relations with our fellow human beings, the advantages smart phones bring to a user have quickly elevated it to the pinnacle of mobile phone technology. People question whether feature phones are now good enough. When 10 years ago they were the new means of communication, today’s world requires compatible, neat, quick and versatile phones. You receive an email; you want to read it straight away, in the car, on the train, at work or on the move, no matter where you are. With over 800 million Facebook users in existence, people want portable social interaction tools at the simple click of a button. The masses seem to want multi-compatibility (we’re talking the likes of music and photography for example) and at high speeds.

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When the Chinese firm Huawei ‘unveiled IDEOS through Kenya’s telecom titan, Safaricom’, more than 350,000 Kenyans were quick to snap up the $80 smartphones, ‘an impressive sales number in a country where 40% of the national population lives on less than two dollars a day’.


For those who cannot afford the luxury of a laptop and who don’t have immediate access to the internet, an Asha phone provides a great alternative with which to surf the web and as a result, they are in increasingly high demand. Nokia’s launch of the Angry birds application with our new Asha series was one such way in which we have aimed to provide a greater all round mobile phone experience for our global customers.

According to the Guardian ‘Angry Birds has been hugely popular in the developed world, notching up more than 500 million downloads across various devices and platforms. Now its developer, Rovio Mobile, has its sights set on emerging markets too’. Marketing chief of Rovio, Peter Vesterbacka, is excited for the future: ‘we can reach totally new audiences in India, in Africa and all the emerging markets. We’re really excited about that. We have 400 million-plus downloads, but hopefully we can add another 400 million together with Nokia in the next few months.’

With this continued development and the likes of the Asha series of phones reaching out to over a billion people in the world, we want to know what you think about Nokia’s new family of phones. Let us know at @Nokia_Connects.