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November 15, 2011

Transport: some Nokia-shot videos

Having a quick look at the video sites today, I was struck by something. There appeared to be an abundance of films, shot on Nokias naturally, featuring various forms of transport. Here’s what I found:

A simple one first up, shot from the window of a plane, on an N8, showing some seriously beautiful Russian skyscapes. In particular, this video wowed me because of the details in the clouds:

Then, almost straight away, another ‘shot from a plane’ (short) video, this time of the Andes. It’s a little jumpy (that’ll be the turbulence over the rather large mountains) but again there’s some great detail of the peaks:

The world tour continues with a slightly different form of transport now, and the link to the previous video is tenuous, but it does feature snow quite heavily. It’s a cracking little example of Scandinavian snowboarding, filmed on the N8. And yes, it does feature a ‘slam’ or two:

And finally our transport round up continues with this harbour-side N9 movie from the guys at Techblog. Of particular note on this film is the detail in the nets and the colours on the boats. Makes me want to move to Greece. Today!

So, do you have a transport-related movie shot on your Nokia? We’re missing cars, motorbikes, trains and horses. Leave us a comment or send us your links at Nokia Connects