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November 16, 2011

In depth: A look at the 'stunning' Nokia E6

With a full QWERTY keyboard nestled beneath the touch screen, can the E6 be all things to all people? A few of you out there have been finding out…

Let’s start with Neil. His review of the E6 starts with an encouraging headline – ‘Bringing the best of both worlds’. So what are his highlights? The ‘well-spaced’ keyboard gains some praise (but he reckons there’s still room for improvement in the key design), and there’s a lot about the various aspects of the software which mostly receive a thumbs up, especially the ‘killer’ Maps. In the end his ‘Pros’ list is far longer than the ‘Cons’ list – which is a good thing in anyone’s book!

Via Smartphone Reviews, more of which shortly

Another software review comes courtesy of G. Raghav who also starts with a bang, mentioning the ‘blazing speed’ of the Symbian Anna-powered phone. Sprinkled liberally with words such as ‘awesome’ and ‘cool’, I get the feeling that what’s ‘under the hood’ went down quite well at Smartphone Reviews. This is backed up when we take a look at the photo gallery that’s been shared in a sister post:

I’ll leave the final thoughts to Jerko, who classes the E6 thus:

‘so gorgeous I just could not stop looking at it’

Need I say any more? Had your hands on an E6 and agree with the thoughts expressed above? Anything to add? Let the guys know, or share your thoughts with us 🙂