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GLOBAL – Following hot on the heels of the first sales of the Nokia Lumia 800 comes an update to the Nokia Music software installed on the phone. The new update adds to the personalization features of the app and improves Nokia’s Gigfinder functionality.

Mix Radio on your Nokia Lumia now allows you to create personalized radio stations. You enter up to three artist names and the clever technology in the background produces a completely new playlist with songs akin to the style of the artists you chose. The technology used to create these new stations has indexed 20,000 different artists, so there’s a good chance it’ll know the sort of music you’re looking for. Up to five of these personal radio stations can be saved in the app.

The app can also work out what you want for itself. It can analyze the metadata attached to your own music files and work out your favorite genres – automatically creating a playlist of tunes you’re likely to like.

Gigfinder is also improved on the Nokia Lumia Music experience. This starts with your location and today’s date and lists the nearest, soonest gigs happening round you. Where available, you can click through to booking information. You can now also share the gig details with friends using SMS, email or social networks.

So there you have it. Just a day on sale and the Nokia Lumia 800’s already a better phone than it was yesterday morning.

What else would you like to see added to the music experience on Nokia Lumia smartphones?