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Portland, OR, United States – With Thanksgiving coming up next week, the Holiday movie season is kicking into full swing. As a result, movie goers are going looking for trailers, lead actors and plot lines of certain films. There is no better platform than mobile phones to give us the information we want, when we want it, right? This is true for movies and film information too.

Which Windows Phone apps stand out for movie lovers who are seeking the latest in the theaters and on DVD? Let’s take a look:

Movies by Flixster

Flixster is a ubiquitous when it comes to movie information on mobile. Flixster allows you to plan your movie nights by serving up movie times, movie trailers and movie reviews that are powered by the valuable Rotten Tomatoes review engine. Flixster is set up to offer you trailers and information on DVDs as well, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for in-theater movies or on DVD, Flixster is your friend.

The Windows Phone application has been updated recently to be compatible with Mango and brings in Bing mobile search integration and the ability to pin movies and theaters to your home screen as live tiles.



Whereas Flixster is a great resource for finding information on movies in general, IMDb takes it to a whole new level. This movie database application is a stunning application with gorgeous photography and artwork. Also, IMDb a vast amount of information on films (both in theaters and on DVD) and actors alike.

As for films, you can access showtimes, very detailed film details and facts and a full cast list. When looking at different stars, you can see their full biography, fun trivia and filmography. IMDb has so much information in the application that you could easily get lost in the application seeking out your favorite films and stars.



This is definitely a tongue-in-cheek selection, but the situation where this application comes in handy is a place we’ve all been. So you’ve bought your expensive movie tickets, become cozy in your seat and you’re in the thick of the movie when the urge hits. The urge that you need to run to the bathroom, but you don’t want to miss anything critical in the film you’re watching.  

RunPee will tell you when a non-critical scene is coming in the movie, so that you can escape, take care of business, and come back to the film and not miss a thing. To use RunPee, load up the application and start the timer when the movie begins. You can then see an at-a-glance display of when it would be ok to miss a 5 minute stretch.

The application has filtered content so it will not give you spoilers that might ruin your movie experience.



This application is US-specific and it allows you to find and buy movie tickets in your area, based on GPS. If you’d like, you can tap a movie poster in the application and watch a high-quality trailer. Also, you can see upcoming movies in the “Advanced Tickets” and “Featured” list.

However, the most useful way to use this application is to buy your tickets in the app ahead of time, allowing you to skip the line altogether when you get to the cinema. 

Photo credits: Caveman Chuck Coker and minds-eye