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November 18, 2011

Nokia X7 – we've got all the angles covered

Whether you like to read and analyse, sit back and let a video wash over you as you take it in, or if still images are your thing, we’ve got you covered today.

via nokiainnovation – you’ll see more later

First up is the written word (well, it did come before photos and video :-)) – a review from itsmefinch who has shared what he has to say on Words of Wisdumb (love it!). He is brutally honest about the X7, highlighting a couple of negatives (easily scratched in his pocket with coins and keys – although we think the Gorilla Glass is a fair match for a few coins) and the inability to change the battery. That said, he got an ‘impressive’ 3 days out of one charge with what he describes as heavy usage. Not bad, that!

For those of you who prefer your opinions in video form, this one does a great job as far as the spec list and an unboxing goes. Mike’s first impressions are favourable – the ‘neat’ AMOLED screen and ‘famous’ 8MP camera get special mentions – but we’re not going to steal all his thunder 🙂

via thepremiumreview

And there’s always room for a gallery of eye candy. Always. This from NokiaInnovation will do the trick nicely, thank you.

Had your hands on the X7 yet? Want to be able to write about/film/snap it yourself? Let us know, but in the meantime, share what you think what the guys had to say in their post/video/gallery.