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November 18, 2011

The Lumia 800 trials commence!

You have all been so keen to talk and ask about the Lumia 800 and 710 ever since Nokia World. We were absolutely mad to bring them to you, and now the madness is due to subside because our batch of Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones has just arrived. Look at them. Look at what we did with them!


We wanted to do something special for you, so first of all we built a huge Lumia logo out of the boxes. It was good fun and it gave us a chance to play with expensive cameras and lighting equipment. Not only that but we had to build a huge platform for our photographer to stand on to capture this masterpiece. I’m sure you will agree this is both awesome and interesting… and that we must cut to the chase. 🙂

Competition: tell us how many phones are in the spiralling tower above and we’ll throw you to the top of our trial list. For your consideration; our terms and conditions will apply to this trial.

To participate: make sure you leave your guess in the comments section below. We will only allow one guess per person. The first person to post the correct number will win, if nobody gets it completely correct we will award the win to the first person who posts the closest number by 12pm GMT next Friday. Good luck. 🙂