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GLOBAL –  Good news for anyone planning to surf the Web using the brand new Nokia Asha phones for Series 40 – they’ve been designed to give you a better all-round internet experience with more of what you want, faster and cheaper.    

Nokia have designed the new Asha family specifically for people in emerging markets where expensive and time consuming downloading has been limiting everyone’s internet use for years. For many, the phones will provide their owners with their only access to the Internet. 

We know people want to get online fast, whether you’re looking for a shoe store in Caracas, meeting a friend in Mumbai or checking out your friend’s baby pictures from Taiwan.

The Nokia Browser uses cloud-based servers with high speed internet connections to collect the data and then transform it to the best version for a mobile phone, compressing the data by up to 90%.

But what you really need to know is that it will take seconds, not minutes, to check out what your friends are doing on social networking, and start sharing links, photos and videos. While you’re online the browser will show you how much data is being used, so there shouldn’t be any nasty shocks when your bill arrives. Then you can save your money for the things you’d really like to spend it on (like the shoes).

Nokia Asha phones with browser

Getting online is important, but so is what you see when you get there. No one wants to look at an anonymous landing page or – even worse – a homepage from a country you’ve never been to.

The new Nokia Browser comes in 87 different languages and, wherever you are in the world, you’ll see the news and content that’s relevant to you.

These Asha phones are “smart”.  Web sites and web apps that might not otherwise be accessible are easy and enjoyable to use on Asha.  And for many web content providers, web apps provide an even more elegant experience using swipe touch gestures for fluid page transitions and enhanced with location, SMS or social sharing functionality made possible by the browser’s cloud architecture.

Using the new full-screen mode you won’t be squinting at it on a tiny screen, either. You can get rid of background information, like the browser button control bar, and add  some extra mm to your screen size – and on a mobile phone that’s going to make being online feel a whole lot better.

The Nokia Browser is available on the Asha phones, and up to 40 of the Series 40 phones. You can find out which ones on the product pages.

Now everyone can have a fuller, faster – and more affordable – internet experience.