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November 21, 2011

Lumia 800 trial competition: we have a winner!

Last week we kicked off our Lumia 800 trial programme on Nokia Connects. For those of you that missed your chance to register for a trial feel free to click ”Trial a Nokia’ at the top of this page. For all the people in the community that saw the post and participated in our competition, please read on…

We have a rather large waiting list for Lumia 800 trials, so we wondered if there was a way to fast track one lucky Nokia Connects fan to the top of the list? The end result was a competition that asked everyone to guess how many Lumia 800 handsets were in the above image. You replied in your hundreds and we were very happy to see you had taken time out to participate.

Now this is the tough part and ultimately the part you have all been waiting for. Like with most competitions there can only be one winner so without further ado…

The Winner is: Arek with a guess of 49.

Out of 247 entries (and counting) there were only six people who correctly guessed 49 handsets. Of those six people, Arek was the fastest. Arek now gets the chance to trial a Lumia 800 for a two week period, well done, we will be in touch!

Here are the best of the rest:

‘There are no phones. The tower is made of boxes’  – dazhug


‘I would guess 49 in the photo but only 36 in the actual tower ‘ – Michael Gillett

‘1 in the tower’ – viktorija m

‘The answer is peanut butter and jelly right?’ – Jason