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November 21, 2011

Nokia N9: "Man's best friend"

Beautiful, disruptive, breathtaking, magnificent, sophisticated, bliss… these are just a few of the words used in the reviews for our N9 segment today.

We’ll kick things off with a feisty comment from Dawid Lorenz, who took an N9 off our hands for two weeks to give it a proper once, twice and possibly even a thrice over. Nothing if anything is left out in his detailed and informative shakedown.

“The most beautiful and visually sophisticated mobile phone Nokia has ever created”

Throughout his review, Dawid regularly commends the N9 for its ease of use, smooth operation within the UI and applications, and exceptional physical appearance. For the most part everything meets up to his expectations and in some areas surpasses them. For example; the 3.9″ AMOLED screen really shone through here, earning it top marks among other smartphone screens he’s used.

“I can easily say this is the most amazing display I’ve seen to date”

As positive as these comments are, the N9 wasn’t without criticism from Dawid. He doesn’t feel the battery life is up to the task and the web browser was regarded as ‘basic’, with features like ‘proper bookmarking’ missing. However, Dawid does say these annoyances are pretty rare when looking at the N9 as a whole.  He closes with his recommendations to you.

“It’s a damn good smartphone and I heartily recommend it to anyone who has spare cash and doesn’t really care about apps, ecosystems, platforms and such”

So now we’ll move smartly onto something a little easier to digest, here we have an unboxing video from Cristian, who’s had the use of an N9 for a little over a week. Here you’ll see exactly what you can expect from the phone straight out of the box and hear a few first impressions from a dedicated mobile mentalist. 🙂

“Starting with the curved body that fits perfectly in hand, continuing with the curved display that makes swiping a pleasure, the N9 feels not like a phone, but more like a pet. Man’s best friend is no longer the dog, it’s the Nokia N9”

Lastly, here’s a series of experiences, questions, observations and careful considerations from Stephen, that we think concludes today’s look at the N9 very well.

“I’d been taking a break from Nokia devices since March…”

That’s right, Stephen had not been using a Nokia for some time until he got to try an N9 during Nokia World and ‘instantly fell in love’ with it. Since then he went ahead and bought his own black 64GB version.

We won’t go into each and every detail mentioned throughout his experience (because it’s very wordy and best indulged upon by yourselves), but something that stood out for us was his appreciation for the simple things like the clock and the notifications on the lock screen.

“I love being able to pull the phone from my pocket and see at a glance if I have any missed events without touching it. I’d forgotten just how much I’d missed having this feature on a phone until I got the N9!”

Ultimately the ‘uniqueness’ of the phone is what Stephen finds alluring. He admits it’s not for everyone and those in need of specific applications or a wealth of popular games maybe better advised to look elsewhere, but for anyone looking for something a little different, it could be just the thing to set you aside from the crowd.

“If you want a slick, stylish device that’s fun to use then the N9 could be for you, but if you are wanting a massive selection of apps and games you do need to look elsewhere”