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November 22, 2011

Game on! The Nokia E6 isn't just about emails

Yes, it’s an enterprise phone, aimed at business users and those who spend a lot of time typing, but as David Gilson points out over at All About Symbian, gaming on the Nokia E6 presents a ‘unique challenge to developers’.

It’s all about re-factoring the user interface, but don’t worry, it’s not as ‘science-y’ as it sounds. David explains in a series of real world gaming tests how certain drivers, shooters and bird catapulters pan out on the E6.

He reckons gaming can be a decent experience:

‘despite the E6’s enterprise credentials, it is a credible gaming device too’

Without stealing David’s thunder and revealing his tests and full findings, what did people have to say on David’s thoughts?

When discussing the relative merits of the efforts of developers to adapt their graphics for the screen size and resolution, Rumba Joe says the makers of Dragon Lore:

‘really have put effort into recreating the graphics for VGA. The details are still nice and crisp’

But malerocks highlights the difficulties faced in adapting certain games:

‘the current version of [Angry Birds] Seasons was released just about a week or so (with the new orange bird)….They will adapt it to the E6 screen and release (hopefully) soon.’

And because everyone likes a video, here’s a demo of Fruit Ninja on the E6:

via dhruvbhutani

Looks pretty smooth to us!

So, what do you think of gaming on the E6? How does it measure up to similar phones? Join the debate on All About Symbian, or let us know @Nokia_Connects