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November 23, 2011

Which Nokia phones were these taken with?

If you suffer from arachnophobia look away.

It’s probably too late for that because this headline picture is of a wonderful (or terrifying) spider. To be honest, most of us are in the terrified camp too, but once you realise it’s just an image captured by a Nokia smartphone, you can look beyond the beauty of this beast and see the power of the technology that brings it to you.

Below we have four pictures all taken with Nokia phones. We would like you to have a stab at guessing which phones these were taken with. We’ll tell you now that each was taken with a different phone so it’s not a trick in any way.

The pictures have their own unique charm, so we’ve created a few captions to go with each for your enjoyment. Enjoy. 🙂

spider macro by my Nokia N8
Terry, the terrifying spider

NOKIA Lumia 800_000135
Cedric and Boris the nonchalant parrots

The clothesline that wished, to just once, gaze upon a bay during the sun’s morning rise

Display Personal Watermelon.
And the display only watermelon…

If you think you have an idea of which phone took what picture, let us know in the comments section or @Nokia_Connects. Obviously you could cheat to find the answer – but where’s the fun in that? Additionally, if photography isn’t your game but playing with words is; please come up with a more appropriate and less rubbish caption for our lonely watermelon here, or indeed any of the photographs.