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November 24, 2011

All the whistles and Belles?

Ouch. Sorry about that headline 🙂 Anticipated keenly, Belle is now a reality, and some of you out there are showing us what it can do.

via Symbian Tweet (who also have a Nokia 701 review)

First up is Samir Makwana from The Mobile Indian who has a Nokia 701 in his hands, and shares his thoughts. We’ll skip straight to the Belle discussion though, and let you read the rest at your leisure. He says that Belle’s major improvements in its feature set include ‘better scrolling’ but that the

‘Major highlight of the Symbian Belle update is the new Notification tray system that offers combined list of notifications related to the respective apps’

He concludes by putting the 701 in the ‘multimedia frenzy’ bracket, assisted by the ‘fresh looking’ Symbian Belle.

Moving on, Steve Litchfield’s latest Phones Show is out (this is episode 154) and it kicks off with, you guessed it, a review of the Nokia 701 and Symbian Belle:

Highlights from Steve’s thoughts are that the UI has been

‘massively streamlined’

and is in line with Android and Windows Phone with a

‘largely excellent’

user experience.

So…have we whetted your appetite? Or do you have your hands on Belle already? Leave the guys comments with what you think, and we’re always here @Nokia_Connects