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November 24, 2011

Mobile technology in the year 10,000

Today @Nokia_Connects celebrated our 10,000th follower *big cheer*. In addition to thanking all of our followers old and new (THANK YOU!), we wanted to have a bit of fun by trying to foresee what’s in store for mobiles in the future… deep into the future… 7,989 years into the future to be exact. Those of you who are good at math will know what year that is, and those of you who are not good at math but read the title (or are good at math and read the title) will know too.

Anyway, we asked what you think mobile phones will be like in the future. We had all kinds of futuristic ideas and speculations, things like teleportation, phones that are fully integrated with the human body and even crazier theories that there wouldn’t even be phones that far into the future. Just imagine!

From all of your suggestions, here are our favourites:

#1. Telepathy

via happyschoolsblog

“Telepathy is the induction of mental states from one mind to another”. To us this seems like the perfect mobile phone. Of course we know telepathy isn’t possible, but perhaps in the distant future with a tiny neural implant this could be possible. Imagine just thinking ‘oh I need to phone my friend to say I am going to be late for dinner’ and before you know it her voice pops into your head saying ‘why are you going to be late?’ genius. Actually we’re kind of going off the idea here…

Loads of you suggested this or a version of it so thanks to you all! 🙂

#2. Headsets and Micro-projectors

This suggestion is a really cool one, it brings lots of the things we can do with mobile technology singularly and in some cases together, all together with a few added extras. The theory is that you have a device like a headset on your head that acts as a phone, headset and screen. If you are browsing the web, a micro-projector plays a holographic display of the information in front of you. A similar suggestion was that we could have a small ear piece for sound and a contact lens or lenses over our eye(s) for images. These both follow the same suit of us not having to hold something in our palms and look down at a screen – is this really something we want to stamp out in the future?

Thanks to Richard and Adam for these suggestions.

#3. The Ghostbuster trap

We like to call this idea ‘The Ghostbuster trap’ because it’s of a device very similar, you place it in front of you and with a flash of light it opens. Within the radiance of cosmically advanced energy is your caller, standing in front of you, hands on hips, asking why you are going to be late again. If technological advances can keep this device small, then it could be the next video calling… kind of hologram calling if you would allow it to be called so.

Thanks Prassad for this one.

Everyone else pretty much said we would have telepathy in the year 10,000 or a variation of it at least. There were a few morbid suggestions; like there would be no people left to use mobile by that time, which we didn’t think was appropriate… not mentioning any names Stephen!

If you have any speculative suggestions you want to add (not telepathy or a variation of it!) please let us know in the comments section or get in touch with us @Nokia_Connects. Looking forward to more of your ideas!