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November 25, 2011

Community Member Spotlight: Nitish Kumar

Today we are shining the community spotlight onto Nitish Kumar. Nitish writes for Layman’s Take and is a self confessed movie maniac who loves to sketch in his spare time. He also happens to be a big fan of Nokia and loves to write about Nokia handsets. He was pretty happy about being one of the first members of our community to receive the Lumia 800 handset yesterday!

Nitish is based in New Delhi and loves to write about tech, his blog is a layman’s take on all forms of mobile communication. He talks about lots of device manufacturers in the blog but the core focus of his subject matter is Nokia related. We think he enjoys keeping his finger on the pulse with new innovation and we can confirm he is regularly on Twitter! We noticed a very profound quote on his blog about the approach he takes to the world we all live in. 🙂

‘I am not here to change the world, but I am here just to stay with the change’

Lumia 800/N9

Nitish expressed his jubilation on the blog today after receiving a special package. He will be trialing the Lumia 800 handset for two months so we look forward to his product reviews. Let’s hope the next post is as in depth as his N9 review!  We didn’t come across any other bloggers who had written a 11,000+ word review for the N9. The review included detailed images and video to illustrate the device that preceded the Lumia 800! Here is just the tip of the iceberg, everything below is fully covered in ‘Layman’s Take on Nokia N9’:

The box, unboxing and all the contents

The exteriors, the design, the beauty

‘Coming from Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 likes, we really know how much worth a unibody build is but Nokia N9 takes the whole unibody design concept to an entirely new level’ 

The interiors, the powerful beast inside the beauty

‘…the Camera on the Nokia N9 has some tricks of its own: like Auto and Manual Exposure, Auto and Manual White Balance, Automatic Motion Blur Reduction, Carl Zeiss Optics, Continuous Auto Focus, Dual-LED Flash, Exposure Compensation, Face Detection, Full Screen Viewfinder, Geotagging, a Still Image Editor with non-destructive image editing and Touch Focus’

Nokia 500

Lower priced Nokia phones have apparently always had a special place in Nitish’s heart. He wrote a sizeable post on the Nokia 500 prior to the N9 mammoth review.

‘…low price phones like Nokia C5Nokia E5Nokia 5800Nokia 5233Nokia 7230 etc always had a special place for me and I give them their due whenever i get a chance, so when you hear about a phone with a 1GHz processor under 10k ($180), then its kind of natural to get excited about it’

Nitish was pretty happy that Nokia returned to a traditional naming scheme with the 500. He prefers the Nokia 1100, 6600, 500 and 800’s, as opposed to the X2-00, X2-03 and C6-00’s. He also released a nice piece of Nokia knowledge regarding the naming of the Nokia 500. Did you know about this fact nugget?

‘This is not the first Nokia 500 model. Yeah! It might come as a surprise to you that there was already a product named Nokia 500 Auto Navigation, which was a car navigation device with a 4.3” resistive touch screen’

Finally, we can’t ignore Nitish’s great images of the Nokia 500. The question is, has he placed the phone on his favourite Teddy bear’s leg? If he has, he will get a lot of respect from the Connects team! 😉