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Nokia Lumia 800

Friday is here, hooray! It’s around about this time every week that we serve up a double portion of tasty Lumia 800 feature footage, complete with a side order of community commentary. This weeks main dishes include IE9, Bing and Music. Bon Appetit!

We can all agree that too much reading can get a bit ‘too much’ at times, so this is an opportunity to showcase some of the 800’s best characteristics through a different medium, with some awesome camera angles and comments from the most respected Nokia enthusiasts out there.

Last week we focused on Xbox gaming and Facebook photo sharing, but this time we’re going to look a bit more closely at the functions of IE9 and BING, as well as the Music app on the Lumia 800.


First up, Varun from fonearena, who highlights some of the online capabilities that the Lumia 800 has to 0ffer. He discusses the handsets versatility and performance when surfing the internet on Bing and then praises its visual qualities. Varun seems particularly impressed with the sheer speed and accessibility of the IE9 set up too.


Here are Clinton Jeff and Lester Chan, our Nokia London tourists for the day! They supplied us with the low down on the Lumia 800’s music player from the awe-inspiring heights of the London Eye. CJ, who is the mastermind behind ZOMGitsCj, seemed particularly impressed with the 800’s ability to identify a song, search for it and make it downloadable in just a few simple clicks. Whilst Lester, the main man behind self titled, favours the Mix Radio feature and the high quality sound it provides. Ultimately they both praised its style and user friendly interface.

Have you had a chance to test some of the Lumia 800’s features yet? Let us know what you think @Nokia_Connects. Make sure you stay tuned for next week’s post where we’ll be divulging some more cool Lumia features.