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LONDON, United Kingdom – Hear our top five deadmau5 tracks, courtesy of Nokia Music.

Download them any time on to your phone and search for more via the app.

Our resident DJ Danny Brewer, aka DJBrewatune has selected the tracks and tells you why below.

He’ll be at Nokia Lumia Live on Monday with his hands in the air.

Danny – who spins everything from Indie to hard Swedish House at his monthly mash-ups in Camden, north London – is a big fan of the maus and remembers his gigs from his uni days two years ago.

“He quietly welcomes you, tail between his legs, a little on the Mau5sy side, then suddenly traps you in his inescapable cage of techno. THE MAU5 IS IN THE HOUSE!” says Danny. 

  1. Ghost ‘n’ Stuff (original) Caught the scene perfectly in his clutches with this one. It’s original but with a hard-hitting drum loop that beatz you senseless. What more could you want from 3 minutes of creative mayhem?
  2. Strobe Melodic, is the word for this eerie shower of tech-piano. His droplets of synth rest upon an ever-expanding 80s Nintendo soundtrack that engages the listener to stop whatever they’re doing and sway.
  3. Sofi needs a Ladder Bring me a dutty baseline and I’ll whack it for 6 (minutes that is). It is no surprise this won a Juno award for Best Dance Recording. A surefire starter for any party, I have never heard such transcending dance scales. Live its a killer.
  4. Raise Your Weapon  The most remixable of all deadmau5’s material: indie, party classics, you can mix this into any genre. The only problem lies in what you play afterwards! A great work-out track.
  5. Faxing Berlin Not the most well-known of his recordings, but one of his most inspired. This track sums up deadmau5’s ingenuity, he somehow fuses a rattle into a techno outfit, but not without an enchanting electro-loop to round things off. A top late-night driving tune.