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November 25, 2011

Video introduction to deadmau5

GLOBAL – Appearing at the Lumia Live event on Monday, deadmau5 is one of the hottest acts in the dance scene. You’ve had the background on deadmau5 from Trevor, but what’s his stuff like, you ask? Look no further. We’ve scoured the web for five of the artist’s greatest hits.

The first, above, is I Remember, released in 2008. Produced in collaboration with US DJ Kaskade, it also features the voice of Haley Gibby. On Nokia Music, it’s available right here as one of the tracks on the Random Album Title release.

Below is Ghosts’n’Stuff, one of the artist’s best-known tracks, perhaps thanks to this playful video. Originally recorded specifically for Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show in 2008, the song went on to reach the number one spot in the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart. It’s available in six different versions on Nokia Music here

The artist is perhaps best known for his live performances, though. We’ve taken a look at his Twitter account and the poor guy’s been touring so hard he hasn’t seen his cat for five months. Here’s a performance of aural psynapse from Toronto earlier this month.

This one gives a great indication of the sort of crowds the artist attracts and the vast scale of his productions.

And lastly, perhaps most relevant for you guys, here’s how to make your own deadmau5 ringtone.


There’s loads more tracks to choose from on Nokia Music. Which ones do you recommend?