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November 27, 2011

Nokia Connects You #5

Hello and welcome to issue five of Nokia Connects You; your guide to what’s interesting on the worldwide web this week. It’s a varied week this week, so let’s dive straight in with what’s perked our collective ears up over the past seven days –

1. How much?!

We love a good debate here at Nokia Connects and nothing has got sparks flying more so lately than this perspective piece from the gentlemen over at All About Symbian who kicked-off about the so-called ‘race to the bottom’ of app prices. With – at the time of writing – 133 comments, it’s clear this is an issue extremely close to the readers’ hearts. Good work AAS.

2. Thanksgiving!

With Americans all across the world celebrating Thanksgiving this week, this story from Ireland caught our attention which casually mentions how the author dropped turkeys along with US paratroopers over Egypt back in 1981. It’s an incredible story and definitely worth a look.

3. Water, water everywhere

Scientists have discovered the largest body of water known to man – and it’s in space!

via Fast Company

It’s 12 billion light years away and contains 20,000 times the amount of water needed for every person on Earth. AMAZING! We think this is an incredible discovery and we hear that the Mapstronaut might even be headed there for his holidays! 😉

4. Shutter Unlock for the Lumia 800

This lovely piece of advice (and video) comes from Mac Morrison who said:

“I recently got a Nokia Lumia 800, the unlock screen has no visual queues as to what to do, so I took a photo of a shuttered shop and cropped it via the set wallpaper tool, and now its easy to remember to pull the shutter up 🙂

so just take a photo of a shutter or blind etc and your unlock screen is 100% more fun.

or use mine…

5. Photography of awesome

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Nokia Connects You post without a gorgeous photo from a mobile phone. This week’s effort is taken from this month’s N8 photo awards and, while it didn’t make it as the winning entrant, it certainly enlightened us as to just how awesome the N8’s camera can be in any environment.

Whitsand Bay - Foggy Beach

We hope to see you on the other side of the fog 😉 – and meet you back here, next week for #6 of Nokia Connects You.

Bon Weekend!