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November 28, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800: the Puppet Master is revealed!

Last week, we introduced the Nokia puppet master enterprise, giving all of you out there an opportunity to hop in the driver’s seat and pose those burning questions about the Lumia 800 that you need answering.

via pocket-lint

We said that whoever came up with the most suitable question (within reason) would have it answered and we’ve stayed true to our word.

As expected, we have had a huge influx of suggestions spanning a breadth of diverse topics; some obscure, some inventive and some just plain mad!

After much deliberation and debate, we’ve picked a request that we think will be most beneficial to everyone in terms of evoking both an educative and helpful response from Nokia.

Christian Manuel – you are the lucky winner this time, taking the plaudits with the following request:

I personally would love to see how easy it is to use the phone. Seeing its basic functions in a video, like how to actually send messages, or how the “settings” interface looks like, or say, how to connect to a WiFi connection would truly be something interesting to know from Nokia Lumia 800.”

We liked Christian’s proposal as it provides us with an opportunity to go back to basics and show everyone out there the core features and performance capabilities of the Lumia 800, something which we hope will be of good use to everyone.

Keep an eye on Connects for our special Nokia Connects demo, especially for Christian (and everyone else) 🙂