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GLOBAL – The Internet is everywhere. On your computer at home or work, in kiosks on the streets or on your mobile phones. Chances are, if it’s digital and has power, you can hook up to the Internet. One thing we all use the Internet for is social networking, and access from our mobiles is growing by an exponential rate, according to a study by comScore.

ComScore looked at France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom to see how our habits have changed over the last year.

Bar chart shows increase

In 2010 during the month of September, 38,395,000 of us accessed social networking sites or blogs at some point during a month. By September 2011, that number has increased to 55,125,000. That’s a 44 per cent increase.

Those accessing social networking sites or blogs on a daily basis rose from 15,438,000 in September 2010 to 25,779,000 in the same month in 2011. Rising 67 per cent.

Apps are being used more and more to tweet or update social networks. Within a year the number of people using them rose by 101 per cent from 12,057,000 to 24,208,000.

The other way to check your friends latest news is to use the browser on your mobile phone. This changed by 31 per cent from last year. September 2010 had 23,855,000 users while September 2011 had 31,307,000.

Social networks

But which social networking sites got the most gains in mobile traffic? LinkedIn received the biggest increase with 134 per cent, from 944,000 users in September 2010 to 2,210,000 in 2011.

Twitter increased its mobile users from 3,980,000 to 8,568,000 with 115 per cent growth. Spanish social network went from 1,474,000 to 2,327,000. Growing by 58 per cent. While Facebook received an increase in mobile traffic of 54 per cent, with 25,361,000 compared to 39,022,000 this year.

Are you an active social networker? Do you prefer to use your mobile or a computer to update the world of your updates? Use the comments section below to let us know.