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Nokia Lumia Live tweets

LONDON, United Kingdom – Picture this. A mild autumnal night in London and the streets are filling with thousands of people. They’re all gazing up at a tall glassy structure waiting for something to happen, ‘cos they know something is about to kick-off. Murmurs and whispers ripple through the crowd. Those murmurs turn to whoops as a low bass-line ricochets off surrounding buildings and as deadmau5 starts his live gig, cheers fill the air. And the Nokia Lumia Live tweeting starts.

Former Big Brother UK 2011 contestant @RealMaisyJames took to Twitter to express her delight at the party and at deadmau5’s performance:


@DanKelleway123 loved the performance from both Nokia and deadmau5:


This gig was a unique one, and one that’ll probably never be repeated anytime soon. However @RazDazzz wants more:


At the end of the Millbank Tower takeover, the Nokia Lumia 800 was projected on to the side of the building. Cheers followed, as @MichaelGillett tweeted:


The maestro himself @deadmau5 tweeted about last night’s event this morning:


The guys behind the Millbank Tower projection were Drive Productions. @Deadmau5 imagines a 2 hour set with the guys, projecting onto the pyramids in Egypt, calling that epic:


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