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LONDON, United Kingdom – Last night Rovio launched a cookbook entitled Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes. But we needed to find an expert reviewer…

Mike Cooper, our creative lead here at Conversations by Nokia, is also the man responsible for the famous Playable Angry Birds birthday cake video. So we asked him to spend some time in the kitchen last night filming his children, Sofia and Ben, making a “Shake ’em shake: Banana alternative”, one of the recipes that can be found in the new Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes cookbook. It’s so easy, it’s child’s play.

We’ve all played the game right? Of course, you have. Flinging birds from a catapult into a tower of hungry green pigs in order to rescue your stolen eggs is the aim of the game. But what happens to those eggs that don’t get saved? The pigs stick them in a pan and cook up a treat. And now that Rovio are expanding their product portfolio, you can make your own egg recipes, as Sofia and Ben have above.

Angry Birds cook book

Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes costs $19.99 (€19.99), you’ll be able to make delicious recipes – all egg related – such as:

  • Egg Sushi
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Chili Pepper Casserole
  • Egg and Hash Browns
  • Cheese and Egg Soufflé

How do we know they’re delicious? Owner of the Zilli restaurant chain and celebrity chef Aldo Zilli was on hand with a fine selection of cooked recipes from the book. Our favourite tasty treat was the egg sushi.

Egg food by Zilli


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Did you know

  • Angry Birds catapulted to success thanks to Nokia and HP who sponsored a competition in 2003 won by Rovio’s founders.
  • The game’s audio effects were recorded by the game’s creators who sat in a studio with a crate of beer making screeching noises late into the night.
  • Angry Birds has since been downloaded 500 million times.
  • Rovio are Nokia’s neighbours in the next office block at Espoo, Finland.


For anybody with children at last night’s event, there was the Angry Birds: The Big Green Doodle Book to keep them occupied. While this isn’t for sale yet, it will be available soon, so get your crayons to the ready and remember to keep within the lines.

Angry Birds game news

While this press event was primarily for the launch of the new books, we did receive some news that there are some new levels coming to your Symbian smartphones very soon. From tomorrow, in fact. That’s as much information as we could gather, so keep your eyes open at the Nokia Store for any more updates.

As is usual at various holiday seasons, Rovio releases new levels depending on the season. These new levels are called Angry Birds Seasons. We expect these new levels will follow the same route and come packaged as a Seasons expansion pack, just like last year.

Rovio are keen to expand their portfolio and spread their wings as far as possible. With Angry Birds now on Series 40 phones from the Nokia Asha range, all current Symbian Anna and Belle phones and the Nokia Lumia 800, it’s evident that this little chick has flown its original nest and made many more nests in many other trees. Fly, Rovio, fly.