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November 30, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800: "More of a piece of art rather than technology"

Two posts all about the Lumia 800 here. One from a seasoned Nokia fan and technology blogger and one from a designer who’s curious to unlock and experience the charms of the handset for himself.

We want to start off with the story from designer, Jon Gold, who also appears at present to be rocking a rather spectacular Movember moustache, which we’re sure you will agree is awesome! Gnarly facial hair aside, we’re most interested in his thoughts on the Lumia 800.

One thing we really like about his post is that at the end, he encourages people to get involved and discuss everything in the comments. Yes, starting with something at the end is bad manners but now you know how cool we think it is, maybe you will make an extra effort to jump in and give your 2 cents?

Anyway, let’s go back to the start… Jon bought a Lumia 800 for £500…

“Actually, I was so curious about the Lumia that I spent £470 of my own money on one to put it through its paces. I should probably just ask for a review copy in future. But hey, I have a great phone and I want to tell you all about it!”

OK so Jon actually bought it for £470 but there’s no time to go back and change that now.


Throughout his deductions it’s fair to say that Jon pulls no punches when giving feedback on this phone. He says the ‘hardware is a stroke of genius’ while the screen ‘warps colours and distorts images’ which puts him off a bit. Push and pull it goes, all the way down to the wire and we really don’t want to spoil it for you, so please take a look for yourself and GET INVOLVED!

“Nokia’s first Windows Phone smartphone is certainly elegant; more of a piece of art rather than technology: a single block of polycarbonate that has been sculptured in a seamless fashion and sealed up with a curved gorilla glass display that completes one of the best looking phones in the market”

The above is quote is part of our review from a seasoned Nokia fan, Edward over on nokiamobilereview. Contrary to Jon’s views, Edward likes the screen on the Lumia.

“When powering on the Lumia for the first time, you will notice how beautiful the screen is. Nokia used a 3.7” AMOLED display with Clear Black Technology, CBD for short. Nokia is not making up fancy words, the “clear black” in “CBD” is absolutely there. The screen is so black you won’t distinguish the bezel from the screen, both when the display is off and when the display is on”

via designedbygold

Like Jon however, he thinks the design language that is used in the operating system (Metro) is wonderful. A negative side with the software though is multitasking, he feels it’s a bit awkward and lacking in dexterity when in use.

“The Metro UI is one of the most pleasant mobile interfaces out there; and it’s simplicity merges with the Lumia’s design language as one. There are a couple of things, however, that make Windows Phone feel somewhat underpowered. Mainly, multitasking”

The conclusion is mostly positive but there are a few caveats that need to be taken into consideration, these are best reviewed by your own eye, considered and conversed in the comments section. As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Lumia 800 so far, so drop us any questions, queries and feedback in our comments section or Tweet us at @Nokia_Connects.