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December 1, 2011

Lumia 800: day by day

Writing a review about your mobile phone is a very noble, time consuming, sometimes complicated but mostly, very helpful thing to do. Writing a day by day blow-by-blow encounter of the whole thing is great too and that is what we have to share today.

Dr J Harrison aka TechnoBoffin, is an ex-Nokia tester who admits to have used Nokia phones mostly in the past but recently moved to other brands for his smartphone needs. Each day (2 so far) is segmented into three sections; The good, The meh and The arg!

“The looks- Everyone in the office had a feel and a prod. The looks are much admired”

via nokiamobileblog

The good comes with some great sentiments on the mix radio found on the Lumia 800, he says it’s a ‘like plus plus’, which is a bonus! The meh comes in the form of the mix radio also, more the navigation to it to be exact. Some of The arg! comes from the haptic feedback on the back, search and home keys, unable to turn this off on the Lumia, Dr J Harrison is not a fan.

It’s early doors yet though and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come. So keep an eye on this day by day review to find out lots of little gems of information that you didn’t know yet.

If you are more of a lover of conventional reviews, here’s a top line overview that you may want to skim over, courtesy of┬áSelina of mobilephonenerd.

“The 3.7 inch screen not only has high res of 800 x 480 which makes game playing great but is even more worthy of praise when viewing the fantastic photos you can take on it. The 8MP camera has multiple functions easy to use for those who want to try being professional photographers and the wide angle lens lets you capture the moment even bigger”

This concludes our Lumia 800 thoughts for today. If you have any unanswered questions or just want to talk about the Lumia get started in the comments section or Tweet us @Nokia_Connects.