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December 1, 2011

Weekly regional spotlight: U.S.A.

After the highlights from India last week, it’s time to go Stateside to see what’s happening over there.

via Sheridan01’s most excellent flickr set

First up is Richard (a.k.a. Sheridan01). He’s actually a native resident of our adopted home, Finland, but took his N8 to New York recently and boy, did he take some awesome photos! Nothing more needs to be said, apart from a hearty virtual slap on the back for bringing us such an amazing bite of the Big Apple.

Statue of Liberty

To continue the photo theme, the Nokia US facebook page ran a contest (just ended) that got some awesome entries. People were encouraged to use apps like Molome and Camera Pro to enhance their images, and the gallery of submissions is well worth checking out….like this one from Tracy:

Further evidence of photography domination in today’s update comes from The Mobile Fanatics and Mike Macias. He has an N9 (yes, it’s not technically available in the U.S. but he’s imported one), and has shared his favourite pics that he’s snapped over the last few weeks. From a spectacular selection, this is our favourite:

Meanwhile in San Francisco (-ish, as she says), Ms. Jen is busy at a Qt Development Day learning all there is to learn, and sharing her notes as she goes. Perfect for anyone who wasn’t able to make it. 🙂

While she was driving up the coast (in the fog – to be expected in the San Francisco area, apparently, although in 3 trips this author has yet to witness it) she snapped this spooky pic with her N8.

This pic may have been taken from the passenger seat, we’d never advocate driving and snapping at the same time.

Got any more news from the U.S.? Care to share? Let us know by leaving a comment or dropping us a line @Nokia_Connects