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December 2, 2011

Accessories: which are your favourites?

Listening to music, or taking calls hands-free? You need a headset. Carrying your precious Nokia around? You need a case (well, thanks to Gorilla Glass that’s not entirely necessary, but it does add an extra level of security). Running out of juice when you’re out and about? How about an uber-battery?

via themobilefanatics

The short review of the BH-214 headset over at Buy & Reviews concentrates on facts rather than opinion, but the commenters shine a light on what they think is so good about it:

Says Jared

“the best bluetooth item I have bought. It is much better than any of the sonys I tried…these are plenty loud”

..and deviousmind adds to the general feel-good….feeling…about the BH-214

“The Nokia BH-214 works great! First and foremost, the device is easy to use….Overall, I am impressed.”

For a video review, of a different set of headphones, we turn now to Michael322’s YouTube channel – and his thoughts on the BH-905i (white):

Carrying cases? Some of us do, some of us don’t. These guys on the My Symbian forum are sharing their thoughts on their favourite cases. The CP-553 for the N9 gets some love for its looks, but wiltjer reckons it fits like a ‘tight glove’. A little too tight, perhaps. Jah also feels his case is too snug, and he has a CP-556.

As far as that ‘uber-battery’ we mentioned earlier? Steve Litchfield has been getting to grips with the Proporta Turbocharger 7000. With a name like that, it has a lot to live up to, and Steve brings news of a ‘stunning 7000mAh’. Always there to charge your phone when you run out of juice (providing you charge the charger), it looks like it will soon become a staple in the All About Symbian ‘kitbag’.

So what’s your favourite accessory? What do you listen to your tunes on? Let us know @Nokia_Connects, or leave us a comment and share your thoughts with everyone else.