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Nokia Care

GLOBAL – Nokia Lumia 800 has a great support team to help you move to the new Windows-driven platform and it’s all here.

Whether it’s a quick easy fix, or help from a discussion with other users, you’ll find the level of assistance you need at this page.

It also helps you to think through what you need. It’s always good to check that you have the most up to date software after you’ve tried the old trick of “turning it off and on again”. 

So every time you sync your music, pictures and videos on your Nokia Lumia 800 with your Zune software, it won’t hurt to check to see if there’s been a software update.

But if you still have a question, try asking other Nokia users via the community on Nokia Support Discussions. There are around 400,000 registered members and about 2 million monthly visitors.

If you have somehow managed to wipe your phone, instructions on the page to restart and restore will soon have you back up and running. 

Much of the advice will soon also be backed up by Nokia YouTube support videos.

Confidence in good care and support is a key part of buying into a new phone with new software.

The cool thing about Nokia Lumia 800 is that virtually everyone is already familiar with Microsoft Windows, but Nokia has gone the extra distance to ensure any of your concerns will be quickly dealt with.

Nokia Care is just one more reason to buy a Nokia Lumia 800. Why not have a quick look at the site before you buy?