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December 3, 2011

Nokia E6: a gallery, a video and news

It seems the E6 is making waves across the globe. Literally. From South America, to India to Africa, we bring you all there is to know.

To Venezuala first, and this most excellent gallery from the guys at Club Ovi. They have attempted to ‘Describe’ the E6 in more than 100 images, a follow up to their initial ‘Meeting the E6’ video which we’ve included below (don’t worry, the language may be Spanish, but there’s an English summary in the post):

….and another photo from that gallery, just because we can 🙂

In other E6 video news, a standard unboxing here from Gadget World India – it at least shows you what you get in the box, which is *always* useful:

Going back a couple of weeks, David Gilson wrote an in-depth comparison between the E6 and the E72 over at All About Symbian. Highlights from his thoughts include:

“[the screen has the] highest pixel density of any current mobile device”


“the D-pad, application keys and call keys are all stiffer and have more travel [than the E72]”


“In balance, the E6 is an improvement over the E72, and…it is a worthwhile upgrade”

Agree with David? Had the chance to compare the E6 to another phone? Join in the healthy comment stream.

Finally, some news from Africa – Uganda to be precise – where the Nokia E6 has just hit the shelves to great fanfare.

So, a little Nokia E6 round up for you there. Got anything to add? Drop us a comment, or share your thoughts with us @Nokia_Connects