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December 4, 2011

Nokia Connects You #6

Hello and welcome to issue six of our weekly round up of all things inspiring and awesome, Nokia Connects You. This week the accidental theme of our collection of creativity is all things BIG.

Big fun, big crazy, big fantastic – it’s all here for you. Starting with…

1. Big Skies

The image above is taken from a set by photographer, Mitch Dobrowner. Specialising in black & white photos of stormy weather, some of the things he’s captured are simply awe-inspiring and want us to and do a bit of storm-chasing ourselves.

Hmm. Maybe next week…

2. Big Show

It wouldn’t be a ‘big’ themed post without mentioning the hugest projection-mapping event London has ever seen and if you haven’t seen this already then what planet have you been living on?!

Any excuse to watch this video again is fine by us. It blows us away, every time —

3. Big Keys

We found this image whilst trawling through the masses of content we see every day over on Google+.

We can’t tell you where it is or in fact who took it (although from the grainy quality, we imagine it’s quite an old photo), all we can tell you is that this is a pretty awesome set of stones that we’d be more than happy to have in the Nokia Connects garden.

4. Big Fun

This is incredible.

This photo was taken at the Technical University of Munich and the installation now gives students (and professors) a brand new way of getting down to the main lobby of their building in super-quick time. If you’re in Munich, get to the university and give it a go. Better still, take an N8 with you and send us your photos.

5. Big Crazy

We love big, crazy projects here at Nokia Connects and this next art project not only makes us step back in awe of its simplicity but also brings huge smiles to our collective faces.

We give you, Project Eyes.

Love love love it! We’re going to be wanting to stick eyes on things ALL WEEK! 😀

Until next time…