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Facebook app at Windows Marketplace

GLOBAL – Nokia Lumia 800 offers the best smartphone Facebook experience, at the People Hub.

Simply input your Facebook login details and your Nokia Lumia 800 does the rest, integrating your friends’ pictures and details on the contacts list, so that you get all their news and an indication of whether they are available to chat.

This combination of social feeds is one of the features that is impressing customers, say leading UK retailers.

But you can also install the full Facebook app, which is free from the Marketplace, for the full Facebook experience, including Places.

It’s also useful to have on your phone, so that you can fully control your Facebook account and what feeds into your People Hub.

The Facebook for Windows app gives you five screens which you can swipe between.

It opens with the news page, next door is the photos, followed by events, notifications, and your menu options (places, profile, messages settings and logout, etc).

It is also handy for checking in to Places.

How do you use Facebook on your mobile phone?